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World of Story is a collection of folk tales developed by EMCN in collaboration with community partners to support language and literacy development in families. The materials developed encourage families to read together and maintain first language fluency with their children. Through storytelling, we validate and celebrate the use of diverse languages in our community.

Although the primary goal of the initial project was to support language and literacy development in families, along the way other discoveries emerged. Sharing of folk stories builds intercultural understanding. Although the folk stories may take different forms, the key values that the stories express are the same and these values can serve to connect diverse cultures.

Storytelling builds relationships in the family, community and inter-community level. Storytelling gives families, schools and communities opportunities to learn and celebrate together; to honour and appreciate diverse languages and together discover the value of relationships.

Learning through the arts engages new ways of knowing and makes knowledge accessible to a wider variety of people. Through story, song, art and dance the creative process is ignited. Learning through the arts also has the ability to bridge gaps across generations, and indeed across cultures.

As you use the World of Story resources and share them with families in your program, school or community, we invite you to embark on a journey of learning and discovery together with parents and children from diverse cultures.

The collection is available on the University of Alberta Libraries ERA: Education and Research Archive.


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