Engineers’ and Technologists’ Integration Program (ETIP)


A Bridge to Success:
Helping Newcomer Engineers Put Their Skills to Work

ABPETIP assists internationally educated engineering professionals to rapidly and effectively integrate into the Alberta engineering workplace.

Participants start by learning how the Canadian engineering workplace functions and how to fit in and communicate with colleagues. Then they adapt their technical skills to Canadian standards and practices. At the end of the program, participants search for jobs in their field with the help of professional career counsellors.

The 20-year success of ETIP is due to the strategic partnership of NAIT (Northern Alberta Institute of Technology), ASET (Association of Science and Engineering Technology Professionals of Alberta), Alberta Human Services, and EMCN (Edmonton Mennonite Centre for Newcomers).


“The Engineers’ and Technologists’ Integration Program offered by the EMCN and its partners is a valuable head start for many technical people relocating to Canada as it may help to develop the non-technical skills people need to succeed in the Canadian workforce. Completion of the ETIP can improve your chances of success in the Canadian engineering workforce. We are very pleased with the ETIP graduates we have hired, as they have transitioned into our company well.”
Lyle Trytten
Director, Technical Services, Metals Division
Sherritt International Corporation

For more information call 780-421-7400 or email:

Thinking of applying?

Who is ETIP for?

ETIP is open to:

• Graduates of an engineering program from an international institution with experience in the engineering field in their country of origin

• Landed immigrants or new Canadian Citizen

• Alberta permanent residents

• Those with a language proficiency of CLBA 6 or higher in all areas: reading, writing, speaking and listening

• Someone with high motivation and commitment to completing the program

When does ETIP begin?

We offer 2 programs each year:

• January to November (mechanical, electrical and industrial electronics engineering programs)

• June to April (civil engineering program)

Is there a deadline for applications?

Yes.  Deadlines are as follows:

• January program application deadline: September 18th

• June program application deadline: March 1st

How long is ETIP?

The program is:

• 11 months, full time

What happens during ETIP?

11 months in ETIP includes:

• In-class at the Edmonton Mennonite Centre for Newcomers for 4 months (4oo hours) developing and enhancing business communication skills and computer skills

• In-class at NAIT for 4 months (450 hours) adding to, and “Canadianizing”, technical skills

•3 months of supported job search

What do you get in the end?

Graduates of ETIP receive:

• Engineering business communication proficiency and understanding of the Canadian engineering workplace culture

• Adapted and improved technological skills up to Canadian standards

• Increased computer skills in the areas of MS Office, MS Project and AutoCAD

• Awareness of the labour market trends and increase in your ability to conduct a successful job search

• NAIT certificate

• Ability to apply for a Technologist In Training Membership with ASET

What are ETIP’s employment success rates?

ETIP has consistent strong employment outcomes:

• Our goal is to have 75% participants employed in the engineering field within 6 months of program’s conclusion

• Previous years have seen success rates of 80% or higher with the most recent graduates having reached 98% success rate

Where do ETIP graduates find jobs and what do they do?

ETIP graduates find work in many different places and in many different roles:

• With industrial companies, in engineering firms and contractors, with the government, in consulting companies, and with manufacturers and distributors across Alberta.

• Working in research, development, design, construction, production, operations and in management.

What do graduates have to say about ETIP?

ETIP graduates have shared:

“Without this privilege to be one of the students of ETIP, I wouldn’t have the chance to compete in the local job market.  The existence of this program really makes a difference in the lives of Newcomers.”    Eduardo Barrozo, ETIP 2003 graduate

“It was my passport for employment.”    Malek Jabbour, ETIP 2005 graduate

“To me the most important things that happen to me, when I was accepted in ETIP, is that I learned those Canadian values that helped me perform my work, and I became ASET member.  Without it I would not be accepted in the companies I work. This is my advice to all newcomers:  take this opportunity to be part of ETIP, it will change your life.”    Joselito Binas, ETIP 2007 graduate

“EMCN, with its ETIP program, in collaboration with NAIT and ASET, truly provided me the first step in my integration into the Alberta engineering world.It equipped me with the training, support and guidance on how to proceed.It led me to my ASET membership and then to my PMI’s PMP designation as well as my APEGGA P. Eng. designation. I landed my job as Project Manager with ATCO Electric through job fair advisories and linkages EMCN provided us, ETIP graduates. EMCN has been, and will always be, an important part of my life here in Canada.”     Edgar Llanes, ETIP 2009 graduate

“It opened my eyes regarding my soft and technical skills, and made me balance them accordingly. Also, ETIP made me more confident in my job quest. I got more interviews than expected! And in terms of professional recognition, the program helped me in the preparation of both ethical and technical exams. I am grateful to all the architects of ETIP.”    Jules Kouadio, ETIP 2011 graduate

How do you  get more information?

The best way to learn more about ETIP is to attend a free information session.

Current scheduled dates and times are:

Thursday, February 9, 2017: 5:00PM to 7:00PM *Session begins promptly at 5:00PM

Tuesday, February 21, 2017: 10:00AM to Noon *Session begins promptly at 10:00AM

For more information please call 780-421-7400 or email:

All Information Sessions are held at:
Edmonton Mennonite Centre for Newcomers
8914-118 Avenue, Edmonton Alberta

Thinking of hiring?

Connecting you to skilled, experienced
and job-ready employees

ETIP is specifically designed for internationally educated engineers seeking rapid and effective integration in the Canadian engineering field.  Since 1996, ETIP has successfully bridged hundreds of graduates into meaningful employment in the engineering industry in Canada.  Offered in partnership by the Edmonton Mennonite Centre for Newcomers (EMCN), NAIT, the Association of Science and Engineering Technologist Professionals of Alberta (ASET), and Alberta Human Services.

ETIP graduates have:

• Occupation specific language skills in the areas of technical communication, presentations, pronunciation and technical writing

• Understanding of the Canadian engineering workplace culture and employers’ expectations

• “Canadianized” engineering knowledge through discipline specific up-to-date technical training

• Qualifications that have been assessed, and recognized, by NAIT and ASET

Recruiting an ETIP graduate is good business:

• ETIP graduates are employment-ready, highly motivated, and are located locally

• ETIP graduates give your business a competitive advantage in the global market of today

• ETIP graduates have international education and experience supplemented with “Canadianized” NAIT applied technology training and ASET certification

ETIP graduates benefit your workplace by:

• Assisting your company in identifying opportunities that require new creative efforts or a completely different set of skills; supplying your company with fresh, new ideas and concepts that may not have even been considered

• Lowering your turn over and helping you develop new markets

• Connecting you with other potential valuable employees

• Acting as role models and mentors for others in your workplace who are internationally trained professionals

Is there a cost involved to recruiting from ETIP?:

There is no cost involved for employers.

How to access the graduates of ETIP:

For more information on hiring our graduates, please contact:
Thaddeus Rozak,Bridging and Training Programs Client Support Provider 780-945-2290 or email: