Payroll Professional Program (PPP)


Are you an Immigrant, Canadian-born or Aboriginal who is considering a career as a Payroll Clerk?

If so, our Payroll Professional Program can help you get started.

This program, in partnership with the NAIT and Alberta Human Services, will enable graduates to:

• Improve business communication skills

• Enhance knowledge in Administration and Management, Clerical, Accounting, Personal service and Human Resources

• Adapt and improve existing skills to Canadian standards

• Work towards upgrading education to advance within a career in finance

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What does a payroll professional do?

Payroll Professionals:

• Process and issue employee paychecks and statements of earnings and deductions

• Compute wages and deductions, and enter data into computers

• Compile employee time, production, and payroll data from the time sheets

• Record employee time information in order to maintain and update payroll records

• Continuously remain aware of tax and deduction laws changes

What do payroll professionals earn?

• Payroll Clerk salaries range from $34,000 at the junior level up to $88,500 at the senior manager level

Who is PPP for?

PPP is open to:

• Landed immigrants or Canadian citizens with a minimum of a High School Diploma or equivalent

• Canadian-born or Aboriginal graduated from Grade 12 or have passed the Tests of General Educational Development (GED)

• Alberta permanent residents

• Those with a language proficiency of CLBA 5 or higher in all areas: reading, writing, speaking and listening

• Someone with high motivation and commitment to completing the program

When does PPP begin?

We offer 1 program each year:

• Program begins in May of every year

Is there a deadline for applications?

Yes. The Deadline is:

• May program application deadline: February 15th

How long is PPP?

The program is:

• 12 months, full time

How do you get more information?

The best way to learn more is to contact program staff:

• All interested applicants are requires to write, and pass, a basic mathematics examination in order to determine application eligibility

For more information please call: 780-421-7400 or email

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