Settlement & Support Services

Settlement Counseling and Support

Help is provided to recently arrived landed immigrants and refugees. Services offered are information/orientation and referral, assistance with basic services (health care, adult and child health benefits, housing, income support, food resources), registering children in school, help with completing government application forms (Canada Child Tax), assistance with translation/interpretation needs in some languages, immigration related information (Permanent Resident Cards, Canadian Citizenship Applications, Travel Documents, Passport Applications, etc) and Commissioner of Oaths Services.

Families, Youth, and Children

Settlement in Schools: The Settlement in Schools programming aims to support children youth and families as well as the individual schools we are involved in to promote mutual understanding and to give a voice to newcomer families with respect to the education of their children.  Through our ten years of involvement with various schools, we have evolved two broad categories of support, after school and summer programming, and cultural support for schools and families.

Settlement Practitioners: work throughout Edmonton schools to faciliate interactions between people of different cultures and backgrounds. They help connect families, schools, and communities by enhancing the school environment for immigrant and refugee students, providing counselling, facilitating communication between immigrant parents and schools, and by organizing after school programming.

Parenting and Literacy: The Parenting & Literacy Program is one of many integration programs offered by the Edmonton Mennonite Centre for Newcomers (EMCN). It targets newcomer parents and their preschool-aged children. There are three main purposes of the program:

1) to offer newcomer parents and their children ages 0-6 a safe and nurturing place to gather, develop friendships and learn together

2) to support newcomer parents with the joys and stresses of raising children in their new country of Canada

3) to provide newcomer families tools and ideas for promoting strong family literacy through storytelling, reading, and developing school readiness skills, with a particular focus on maintaining first language and culture

Health and Wellbeing

EMCN works with community members to increase newcomers access to health services. This is done though assisting in health projects, educating mainstream communities, and providing on-site psychological counseling services.

Community Based Counselling: For many clients, coming to our offices can be difficult. Sometimes, clients lack transportation or childcare. EMCN provices community-based, culturally-sensitive counselling, where our psychologists are able to go out to visit in the community.

Centre for Survivors of Torture and Trauma: The Edmonton Centre for Survivors of Torture and Trauma provides counselling services for refugees and immigrants whose past traumatic experiences are still causing significant distress and emotional problems in their present lives. EMCN also specializes in youth trauma counselling for children and youth who seek psychological support in dealing with traumas and losses as a result of refugee experiences, or while adjusting to life in Canada.

Community Development

The community development team supports ethno-cultural communities to develop their own capacity to address community challenges. We believe that all communities have, within themselves, the capacity to build strong futures for all of their members.

Entrepreneurship: EMCN, in partnership with the Wildman Institute, developed and facilitates a small-business coaching program to assist immigrants in developing and implementing small business plass Entrepreneurs are taught how to write business plans, market their businesses, build networks, and access available resources.

Community Partnership Group: This group aims to increase communication and relationships between communities by providing an opportunity for them to network, create solutions, and provide support for their own communities.

Capacity Building: In partnership with Action for Healthy Communities, Multicultural Coalition, and Alberta Cultural Community Development staff, EMCN provides workships throughout the year including Community Capacity Assessments, Organizational Development, Project Management, and Reporting Evaluations and Outcomes.

Collective Kitchen: A group created to empower men and women to build capacity within their respective communities, access resources, practice their English skills, and improve budgeting skills while acting as a support network for one another.

Saturday Youth Programming: Provides academic support, recreational fun, workshops, and field trips directed at youth of all ages. The program runs during the school year and with the support of volunteers, provides support in academics for newcomer youth and Canadian-born children from diverse communities.

For more information about Settlement & Support Services, please call 780-424-7709 or e-mail