Settlement Services in Schools

EMCN’s Settlement Services in Schools facilitate communication and establish meaningful connections between newly immigrated families, their communities and the school system in Alberta.

Settlement Practitioners develop initiatives to enhance the school environment for immigrant and refugee students, provide counseling, facilitate communication between immigrant parents and school and  organize after school programming at Queen Elizabeth High School.

English as an Additional Language Teachers and Settlement Practitioners organize homework clubs to provide academic support to students after school at Queen Elizabeth High School, as well as Elementary and Jr. High Schools identified by the Edmonton Public School Board as having a high proportion of newcomers to their school communities.

To support newcomer children and their families, settlement practitioners in schools:
  • Facilitate communication between home and school
  • Provide interpretation and translation services for students, parents and teachers during meetings, conferences and interviews.
  • Provide information for parents and students about the Alberta educational system
  • Link newcomer families to community resources and services
  • Help teachers communicate with and better support parents and students from different cultures
  • Plan and deliver culturally sensitive workshops and presentations to ELL and refugee students, their parents,to schools, and to educational institutions.
  • Provide information to parents on how to advocate effectively for the education needs of their children
  • Encourage and facilitate parent’s involvement in their children’s schooling

For more information please e-mail or phone 780-424-7709.