Social Justice and Action

Social Justice and Action

Alberta Council for Global Cooperation is a coalition of voluntary sector organizations located in Alberta, working locally and globally to achieve sustainable human development

Canadian Council for International Cooperation is a coalition of Canadian voluntary sector organizations working globally to achieve sustainable human development.

Canadian Council on Social Development is a non-profit social policy and research organization focusing on issues such as poverty, social inclusion, disability, cultural diversity, child well-being, employment and housing.

Citizens for Public Justice is a national, non-partisan organization which promotes justice in Canadian public affairs.

Edmonton Social Planning Council provides leadership to the community and its organizations in addressing social issues and effecting changes to social policy

Mennonite Central Committee, Alberta

Mennonite Central Committee, internationally

National Council of Welfare is a citizens’ advisory body to the Minister of Social Development Canada on matters of concern to low-income Canadians

Centre for Race and Culture: Since 1994, NAARR or CRC has been an alliance of schools, community groups and individuals committed to the goals of eliminating racism and building respect for diversity of race, culture, ethnicity and creed.

PovNet: an internet site for advocates, people on welfare, and community groups and individuals involved in anti-poverty work

Amnesty International: