Don Douglas

Don Douglas is an elementary teacher with Edmonton Public Schools. In his work, he has gotten to know many families of newcomers, and understands how important EMCN is. He values the contribution to our community that newcomers make, and love the rich tapestry of cultures in our city. Because of this, he is excited to be involved in the important work of EMCN. 

EMCN Board Members

Bin Lau
Paola Matallana
chair, treasurer
Barry Andres
chair, governance committee
Allison Peters
chair, human resources committee
Harman Singh Kandola
Dr. Jennifer Braun
past chairperson
Thomas Bumbeh
Helen Negan-Paré
Daniela O’Callaghan
Kirsha Campbell-Murray
Sunny Chattha
Ejike Ohuegbe

The place for Newcomers to find work, learn English, get settled and join a community. ​

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