Dr. Jennifer Braun

past chairperson

Dr. Jennifer Braun is an assistant professor of Sociology at The King’s University in Edmonton, Alberta. Her main areas of research include women in leadership, agriculture and food, as well as public funding for immigration in Canada. Jennifer completed her PhD in the department of Sociology as the University of Alberta in May 2019. Jennifer has given numerous talks and lectures from her research on patterns of provincial and federal funding for immigration in Canada. She has been on the EMCN Board of Directors since 2016, serving as human resource chair, and a member of the executive director search committee. Jennifer is EMCN’s past Board Chair, having served during the 2020-2021 term.

EMCN Board Members

Bin Lau
Paola Matallana
chair, treasurer
Barry Andres
chair, governance committee
Allison Peters
chair, human resources committee
Harman Singh Kandola
Don Douglas
Thomas Bumbeh
Helen Negan-Paré
Daniela O’Callaghan
Kirsha Campbell-Murray
Sunny Chattha
Ejike Ohuegbe

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