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If you are new to Edmonton, connecting with others in the community is an important step in your settlement process. Making new friends and contacts will help you and your family feel an increased sense of belonging and will provide you with opportunities for learning and friendship. Our Community Connections programs offer newcomers a way to share their voices and talents with others and to contribute to making Edmonton a better place to live.

We offer many ways for newcomers to connect with community.

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    For children and youth: - Parents with pre-school aged children can join Parenting & Literacy - a fun, play-based program to support your child’s early learning and development while improving on your English language skills. For young children who are new to Canada want to try a new sport, we offer free swimming and skating lessons at no-cost in a safe and fun setting in our Success by Six program.

    Learn more about soccer opportunities for children ages 8-12 through our partner organization Free Footie and their Footie Camp. Our weekly Sky Club is a fun place to make friends, get homework help, practice your reading, and play various sports and games. Learn more about our youth driven activities in the Immigrant Youth Replanting Roots program for Syrian, Iraqi and Nepalese youth groups.

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    For women: - The Immigrant Women’s Integration Network (I-WIN) builds networks, confidence, knowledge and skills to achieve employment and personal goals. I-WIN supports newcomer women to shine, thrive and feel like they belong in Edmonton.

    Global Girls offers mentorship, learning opportunities, community activities, discussion groups and guest speakers to inform, inspire and encourage young women to be the best versions of themselves.

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    For men: - If you are a father with a teenage son and you are from the Somali, Sudanese or Nepalese community, join our Safe Families program and engage in meaningful dialogue about important social issues.

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    For the whole family: - Do you want to make friends and have fun? Nourish your mind, body and soul by tying something new or connecting to others who share your passion. By trying choir, cooking, gardening, or winter sports.

    Learn about community resources and activities at one of our workshops, events or information sessions. We partner with organizations around the city to bring you experiences in arts, culture, financial literacy. Check out our Facebook page to see what's happening.

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    For ethno-cultural groups: - If you are a member of an ethno-cultural community group in Edmonton and you want to improve the functioning of your group, we can assist you with organizational development tools, methods and coaching.