Work at EMCN

Working at EMCN

EMCN has supported newcomers of all ages and families, including refugees, skilled immigrants, refugee claimants, and citizens, since 1981. We are able to serve newcomers from more than 100 countries of origin and offer services in over 30 languages every year because of our incredibly diverse, highly skilled workforce.

At EMCN, our goal is to create a society based on the dignity of every human being by promoting our values of Social Justice, Diversity, Compassion and Responsibility. EMCN focuses on the individual’s strengths to enhance the team’s capacity and human-centred practices. Through a highly collaborative and engaged workforce, EMCN’s workplace consistently helps newcomers achieve their goals to enhance their quality of life and the beauty of our city.

EMCN is a progressive, open-minded, and accepting meritocracy. This means we look for intelligence, energy, curiosity, integrity, humility, courage, and good people who are great at what they do – so come as you are! Applications will be assessed based on the qualifications, skills and values outlined in your cover letter and resume against the criteria in this job posting.

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I have worked with EMCN for 7 years and have occupied roles as a Bridging and Training Instructor, Career Practitioner, and Team Lead for


Summary of my role Supervise staff members in the Community Programs Prepare program reports for submission to funders Seek funding/ grant opportunities Ensure that


My name is Lule Girma Begashaw, a registered psychologist with the college of Alberta Psychologist. I have 12 years of multidisciplinary experience as a therapist, team leader,  manager 

ESWIS – Parents of Children With Disabilities Support Group

Parents of Children with Disabilities:  Enhanced Settlement Workers in Schools (ESWIS) Support Group Information Sessions What we offer If you’re a newcomer parent or


Employee Since: 2007 What is your favourite movie? I remember the first time I watched the movie Sarafina, it changed the way I saw


Employee Since: 2008 Which talent would you most like to have? I really wish I had some artistic ability. I can only draw stick

Therapeutic & Counselling Services

Therapeutic & Counselling Services Because of the upheaval that comes with moving to and settling in a new country, newcomers bring challenges that make

Enhanced Settlement Workers in Schools (ESWIS)

Enhanced Settlement WORKERS in Schools (eswis) One of the first steps taken by newcomer families is to enroll their children in school. Children are