empower victims of domestic violence - an emcn roundtable conversation

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November is Family Violence Prevention Month (FVPM) in Alberta. 

As a community, we must work together to reduce family violence and build healthier relationships by increasing awareness of the warning signs of family violence and the available resources and support.

To honour and support FVPM, EMCN Invites you to a round table conversation to discuss how we can empower victims of family violence. 

Join us virtually on Wednesday, November 30, from 12:30-1:45 pm MST.  

We will be talking about the following:

  1. How to identify the signs of domestic violence abuse: We will talk/ learn about what constitutes signs of abuse.
  2.  How to identify those on the verge of committing domestic violence: We will talk/learn about the characteristics of perpetrators or those about to be violent.
  3. How to engage and empower victims of domestic violence: We will talk about how to support the victims of domestic violence.