In 2022, the Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee Medal was created as a tangible way for Alberta to honour Her late Majesty’s service to Canada and to mark the 70th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II’s accession to the throne. The Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee Medal will be awarded to 7,000 Albertans throughout 2022 in recognition of their significant contributions to the province.

EMCN is an Alberta program partner, and will be nominating (5) outstanding individuals who have demonstrated excellence in the immigrant and settlement sector to receive The Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee Medal.

EMCN supports newcomers to thrive by enhancing the quality of life for newcomers and all Canadians through social justice, diversity, compassion and responsibility. EMCN is seeking nominations for community members who have shown leadership in contributing to Canada, Alberta or local immigrant and refugee communities in meaningful ways.

Deadline for nominations closes at 1 pm on Thursday, Oct. 27, 2022.

One form per nominee is required. All information provided will be held confidentially until the Provincial Program Administrator has accepted the nominee. At that time, the information may be published publicly by the province.

Once approved by the province, EMCN will contact all candidates and selected award recipients for a medal ceremony.

Direct any questions about this form or the nomination process to Tracy Williams, External Relations & Community Engagement Lead at twilliams@emcn.ab.ca or 780-424-7709.