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We can connect you to highly skilled, experienced and job-ready employees. Newcomers have had extraordinary journeys from their countries of origin to Edmonton; they bring with them many skills and talents. In our experience, the majority of newcomers are highly motivated to succeed, become self-sufficient and contribute in a positive way to the economy and society.

We prepare newcomers for the Canadian workplace through training programs, career counselling, workshops and provision of exposure courses (tickets). Through our programs, newcomers acquire skills and knowledge of Canadian standards, laws and workplace norms. Many possess specialized skills and experiences unique to internationally educated professionals important for new market development.


Our Bridging and Training Programs prepare foreign trained professionals for the Canadian workplace through the development of technical and soft skills for the professional workplace. Graduates are job-ready in their area of expertise

We offer bridging and training programs for:


Our Employer Liaison/Job Developers will connect you to a newcomer who is right for the job, no matter the sector or level of expertise. Each year we work with thousands of newcomer clients before, during and after recruitment so that the newcomers you hire continue to excel. Get in touch with us and let us know what your ideal employee looks like and we will connect you with some great matches.


Each year we host several job fairs and receive excellent employer feedback. We can tailor make a job fair to suit your needs, and even better, we will do all the marketing, logistics and registration for you. We prepare potential employees in advance so they come to the job fair ready and willing to work.