The vision of The Immigrant Women’s Integration Network (I-WIN) is for immigrant women in Edmonton to quickly access the tools they need; allowing them to achieve their goals and participate fully in Canadian economic, cultural, and social life. This will look different for each woman, but it is rooted in the power of joining together to pool experience, knowledge, and resources. The goal of I-WIN is to empower women to create the lives they envision for themselves in Canada. This is achieved by connecting women to each other and to the broader community; energizing and supporting women in their journey and providing them with the tools to realize their talents and passions.

What we offer

Graduates of I-WIN benefit from:

  • Increased confidence in decision making and participating in networking activities
  • Tools for participation in the Canadian workforce include improved interview and job search skills
  • Access to volunteering, educational or employment opportunities
  • Membership in an active alumni network of professional immigrant women in Edmonton

How does the program work

As a group, I-WIN participants will explore and learn about job search, resume and Cover letter writing, interview skills, Canadian culture, personal wellness and so much more! Class lectures, discussions, guest speakers and networking activities will set the foundation for participants to be successful in achieving their employment and personal goals in Edmonton. Each cohort is together for six weeks providing ongoing support.

The program is offered numerous times throughout the year, so please contact us for information about the next group in your area.

Who can access these services

Candidates must fulfill the following eligibility requirements:

  • Possess education or professional experience in their home countries
  • Be a female permanent resident or Refugee Claimant
  • Possess language proficiency of Canadian Language Benchmark 4 or higher in speaking and listening

Where is the program offered?

Classes are offered virtually and in person.

How to access these services

Contact the Program Coordinator for a screening interview for one of the upcoming sessions or register online here: Registration Form and an I-WIN staff member will contact you directly.