Donation Sorter / Helper

EMCN set up the Don Baergen’s Donation Centre at the 11713 82 Street at the end of 2021 to support newly arrived newcomer and refugee families with their basic needs such as clothing and household necessities. We are seeking volunteers to help sorting donations, and supporting the Don Baergen’s Donation Centre.

Key Responsibilities:
• Receive donations and thank donors
• Sort and organize all donations including clothes, household goods, & toys etc.
• Moving each item to the correct area of the donation centre
• Ensure all items are organized and displayed in a visually appealing manner, consult with EMCN staff if unsure about the suitability for an item
• Identify unsuitable items and dispose of items deemed as garbage
• Creating a clean and professional atmosphere
• Report to EMCN staff for any assistance or issues arise
• Perform other duties as assigned

To Volunteer in this Role You Should:
• Be mature and reliable
• Take initiative and connect well with people
• Be flexible, patient and a good communicator
• Respect people of all cultures
• Be organized, encouraging and adaptable
• Reliably commit to a volunteer schedule
• Be able to move around and lift items

Minimum Commitment

4+ hours per week for a minimum commitment of 4 months

Location Time                                        Start Date End Date Address
82 Street office Mon/Tues/Wed/ 9:00 to 4:30pm  Anytime 11713 82 Street

**Please note that we are also taking group volunteers for donation centre. If you would like to bring in a group to volunteer, please email directly.

Position Details